Komarnica River Day Packraft

Komarnica River Day Packraft


This is a full day adventure along Komarnica River, only available with Montenegro Expeditions!

Join ME for 14 km of spectacular whitewater packrafting with an epic canyon backdrop! The adventure will give you an opportunity to connect with one of the least known kayakable rivers in Europe in complete solitude! 

Komarnica is made up of class II and class III, with an occasional class IV rapid in April. It is friendly to beginners but there are plenty of rapids that even seasoned kayakers would find exciting.

Furthermore, by joining us on this adventure you will contribute to the conservation of Komarnica. We will donate 10% of the profits from each tour to an NGO fighting to prevent dam construction on this river.


  • Excitement-filled packrafting down one of Europe’s least explored rivers
  • Solitude in complete wilderness of the canyon
  • Stopovers at spectacular springs, waterfalls and beaches
  • Contribute to anti-dam activism
  • Two hour boat cruise along Piva Lake
  • Delicious dinner in a traditional Montenegrin restaurant
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The meeting point for the adventure is Etno Selo Izlazak, approximately 45 min drive from Nikšić.

  • Part 1: Arrival and introduction to packraft
  • Part 2: Hike through the canyon down to the river
  • Part 3: Packrafting 
  • Part 4: Piva Lake boat cruise 
  • Part 5: Dinner and departure
Part 1: Arrival and packraft introduction

Morning meeting at Etno Selo Izlazak, a short welcome and the introductions with the team. We will then assign you your packraft and the necessary equipment and demonstrate its setup. You will also be given a brief introduction to paddling and safety aspects of packrafting.

Part 2: Canyon hike

After kitting up we will make our way down into the canyon, towards the river. The descent to the river takes approximately an hour. Thanks to the lightweight packrafts you will be able to move with ease and enjoy the surrounding nature during the hike.

Part 3: Packrafting

Prior to setting off you will be given a full safety briefing. From there on, it’s 14 km of pure whitewater fun and excitement!

Part 4: Piva Lake boat cruise

The packrafting ends at the mouth of the river where Komarnica meets Piva Lake. A boat will be waiting for us here and we will embark on an approximately 2 hour cruise of the lake.

Part 5: Dinner

Following the cruise, we will make our way to the restaurant at Etno Selo Izlazak. It’s a 10 min drive away, for some delicious traditional Montenegrin food. This is where our adventure will end.

However, if you are staying in Montenegro for longer, you can always join us on another one 😊

Price: 140€ each
"What an experience!!! Guys are absolutely amazing. Excellent organisation, stunning views, breathtaking Komarnica rapids, untouched nature, and above all - high professionalism of the organizers make this tour a must!"
Jaksa Riger 🇲🇪
May 2022

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