This is a once in a lifetime fly fishing/spinning holiday that gives you an opportunity to fish for grayling and trout in some of the best, yet least commercial European rivers. 

During the trip, you will get a chance to fish for record-sized grayling. You will also have an opportunity to try your luck in catching some large brown trout, as well as the scary huchen! 

Last, but not least, you will also experience a three-day rafting/canoeing wild camping trip through one of the world’s deepest, and arguably most beautiful canyons, giving you highly privileged access to some of the best and most remote and best fishing locations in Europe.


  • Opportunity to catch record-sized grayling, brown trout and huchen
  • Remote, non-commercial locations
  • Breathtaking mountain setting of northern Montenegro
  • Three-day rafting/canoeing wild camping trip through Europe’s deepest canyon
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Depending on your preference the wild camping can be substituted for accommodation if requested. However, we highly recommend the full experience of watching the fireflies glowing around the camp at night.

  • Day 1: Meeting in Camp Grab and overnight stay in mountain lodge-style rooms.
  • Day 2Transport from Camp Grab to the canyon, followed by three-hour canoeing to the first wild camping spot. Fishing for the afternoon.
  • Day 3: 3-hour rafting/canoeing to the second wild camping spot and fishing for the rest of the day.
  • Day 4: Morning fishing followed by a three-hour rafting/canoeing trip to Camp Grab. Overnight stay in mountain lodge-style rooms.
  • Day 5: A chance for an early morning fish before breakfast and departure.
Day 1: Arrival

Our meeting point is Camp Grab, on the river near the Bosnian border. Depending on where you land, Camp Grab is approximately a 3 hour drive from Podgorica or a 4 hour drive from Tivat. Overnight accommodation at the camp is in comfortable mountain lodge-style rooms.

Day 2: River Tara - Section I

In the morning, we will make our way to our adventure’s starting point, near Žabljak.

The leg of Tara River fishing will take you on a three-day rafting/canoeing tour through the deepest canyon in Europe, along one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. On the first day, there is a three hour-paddle to the wild camping beach where we will set up camp and fish for the rest of the day.

Wild camping in the canyon provides access to the remotest and least fished sections of the river with an epic backdrop and breathtaking views. These sections are rich in record-sized specimens of grayling, brown trout and huchen.

Day 3: River Tara - Section II
We will depart in the morning for a 3-hour raft/canoe journey to the second wild camping location where we will set up camp and fish for the rest of the day.
Day 4: River Tara - Section III
The morning will be spent fishing before setting off on a 3-hour rafting/canoeing trip to camp Grab, our final stop along the river. The remainder of the day can be spent relaxing in the camp, fishing, or exploring the surrounding nature. Overnight accommodation at the camp is in comfortable mountain lodge-style rooms.
Day 5: Departure
On the last day of the adventure a breakfast will be provided before your departure.

If you are staying longer in Montenegro you can always join us on another adventure 😊
** Fishing tackle information **
The recommended tackle for this tour is AFTMA class #3 or #4 rods & a floating line with a longer leader and a tippet between 0,10 to 0,14 mm.

Further information, including the recommended type of flies, depends on the time of the year and will be provided prior to the trip.
Price: 650€ each

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