Montenegro Ski Touring

Montenegro Ski Touring


This is a shorter version of our famed Balkans’ Freeride adventure, with slight alterations. It is aimed at those who don’t have the full 10 days or might not be physically ready for the longer, 10-day adventure.

The ski touring is based on the Prokletije Mountain Range and National Park. This location, during winter months, guarantees abundance of powder snow and absence of people – ME’s obvious choice! During the tour you will also venture into both Kosovo and Albania, while touring up and down the three 2300+ m peaks we chose for you.

Please note that while desirable, previous ski touring experience is not essential. If you have never tried ski touring but you are comfortable skiing on intermediate difficulty ski slopes and you are physically fit, then you can do this tour. A number of different routes, to suit everybody’s ski level, are available on each mountain. Regardless of your skill level, upon arrival our experienced guides (members of Montenegrin mountain rescue service) will always give you full ski touring training, both theoretical and practical.


  • Bespoke, all-inclusive ski tour holiday
  • Experience ski touring in the untouched wilderness and powder snow, and some of the Balkans’ most beautiful mountains
  • Tour across three countries
  • Ski on 3 imposing peaks, all above 2300 m
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Please note that the skiing distances are our recommendation and are tailored for intermediate level skiers. Both, distances and routes can be altered to best suit your level and desire for longer or shorter tours. On touring days, elevation gains range between 500 m and 1500 m. On all the ski tour days we will set off after breakfast, around 9 am. Lunch will be on the go and will consist mainly of high energy snacks to sustain you during the touring. Upon return from each of the ski tours, you will have a locally prepared cooked dinner. All evenings on tour days will be spent relaxing in the warmth of the accommodation with a drink or two.

  • Day 1: Meeting in Plav and overnight stay in a hotel.
  • Day 2: Ski tour day – Peak Tromedja.
  • Day 3: Ski tour day – Peak Starac.
  • Day 4: Ski tour Day – Peak Pasji.
  • Day 5: Airport or accommodation drop-off.
Day 1: Arrival

Our meeting point is the town Plav. Plav is appoximately a 2:30 hour drive from Podgorica and a 4:30 hour drive from Tivat.

Day 2: Peak Tromedja

In Montenegrin, “tromedja” means – a place between three countries. Mountain Bogicevica forms a boundary between Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo, with the highest peak Tromedja at 2366 m. On this day, the tour will take us to the top of Tromedja, venturing from the Montenegro side into both Albania and Kosovo. The round trip takes around 6 hours and is 10 km long.

Day 3: Peak Starac

Peak Starac is 2501 m high is the highest peak of this Mountain, and it offers some of the best unobscured views of the Western Balkans! Arguably, this is also one of the best freerides in Montenegro – a wide, 5 km downhill track with a 30° slope! This is also the longest of the 3 tours – 10 km and 5 hours.

Day 4: Peak Pasji

Peak Pasji stands at 2405 m, and to reach its top there is a 900 m elevation gain from our starting point. This makes it challenging but rewarding to those who complete the ascent, as they will be granted extraordinary views of the Šar Mountains in Macedonia and Korab Mountain in Albania! The total length of the tour is 10 km and takes 5 hours to complete.

As our special treat to you and to distinguish the adventure, this tour day is only available for this and not the Balkan’s Freeride adventure package.

Day 5: Departure

On the last day, we will drop you off back to Plav, for the departure. If you are staying longer in Montenegro, you can always join us on another adventure 😊

Price: 850€ each
"If you want to explore the hidden and most wild parts of Montenegro, Gigo and Adam are who you choose to do it with! They value the untouched nature of Montenegro and know how to enjoy it! And our group enjoyed it too! "
Jovana D 🇲🇪
February 2022

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