Accursed Mountains and Komovi

Accursed Mountains and Komovi


This adventure will take you to arguably two of Montenegro’s most beautiful and less known mountain ranges, Prokletije (also known as the Accursed Mountains) and Komovi. They are located in north-eastern Montenegro, near the Albanian and Kosovan borders.

For the standard 4-day adventure we have hand-picked two hikes up our favourite peaks from these mountain ranges. 

  1. The circular hike up Popadija and Talijanka will give you a taste of Prokletije and breath-taking mountain views of 3 countries – Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. For a short part of the hike, we will even be passing through Albania. 
  2. While highly similar views can be observed from the top of all three famed peaks of Komovi, Kučki Kom is considered the least dangerous and most hiker-friendly – thus our first choice. While it is the least dangerous and not technically demanding, the hike up this peak will challenge you physically and a good level of fitness is required to reach the top. If successful, however, you will be able to observe the whole of central and northern Montenegro from the summit, along with farther away views of Albania and Serbia.

The optional one or two-day extension of this adventure is for more experienced hikers and offers an extra day in one or both mountain ranges and hikes up additional peaks, selected for their beauty and fair share of adrenaline.


  • Experience Montenegro’s two most beautiful mountain ranges in one adventure
  • Conquering 2000 m and 2500 m peaks
  • Breathtaking views of Montenegro and bordering countries
  • Venture into Albania
  • Optional backcountry camping with an epic wilderness backdrop
  • Adrenaline-filled optional one- or two-day extension for more experienced hikers
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If you would like to do extra hikes please tell us which ones when you book. For all the hikes we will set off after breakfast. Lunch will be on the go and will consist mainly of high energy snacks to sustain you during the hike. Post-hike we will have a locally prepared cooked dinner. We always select accommodation in the logistically most convenient locations. However, if the bookings are made for high season or at short notice the preferred accommodation, from our itinerary, may not be available. In this instance we find the best alternative of a similar standard.

      Standard 4-day adventure:

  • Day 1: Meeting in Village Grebaje and overnight stay in a mountain lodge or a tent.
  • Day 2: Circular hike Grebaje-Talijanka-Popadija-Grebaje. Travel to Komovi and overnight stay in a mountain lodge. 
  • Day 3: Hike to Vasojevićki Kom. Overnight stay in a mountain lodge. 
  • Day 4: Departure.

      Optional extra day(s) – for experienced hikers only:

  • Between days 2 & 3 Prokletije with a hike to Očnjak. Overnight stay in a mountain lodge or a tent.
  • Before last day:  Komovi with a hike to Ljevorečki or Kucki Kom. Overnight stay in a mountain lodge. 



Day 1: Arrival and overnight stay

Our meeting point is Village Grebaje. Depending on where you land it’s a 3 hour drive from Podgorica and a 5 hour drive. If, because of the time of your arrival, you are unable to reach Grebaje by 9pm we would advise that you spend the night locally and travel to Prokletije on the next day. If this is the case, please let us know before making the booking and if necessary, we can assist you in finding suitable accommodation for your first night in Montenegro.

On the first night with us, you will have a choice of accommodation in a mountain lodge in Grebaje village or in a tent in the Grebaje valley. If arriving during the day, we strongly recommend that you spend the night in a tent in the valley. The valley is surrounded by imposing peaks and waking up to them while viewing them from your tent (which could be the only one in the valley) first thing in the morning is truly magical.

Day 2: Hike to Popadija and Talijanka peaks and travel to Komovi

The hike is approximately 15 km, takes up to 7 hours and has a total elevation gain of 1000 m, with the highest point at 2026 m. During the hike you will be rewarded with breathtaking mountain views of 3 countries – Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania. For a short section of the hike, we will be crossing through Albania! So, if you are one of the travellers obsessed with going to as many countries as possible, you can tick another country off your list.

Upon return we will have a locally prepared cooked dinner at one of Grebaje village restaurants, before setting off on a 2-hour journey to our next location, Komovi!

In Komovi, we will be staying in mountain lodges for 2 nights. Please note that we can also arrange wild camping at the foot of the mountain for those who prefer sleeping in the wilderness.

Day 3: Hike to Vasojevićki Kom

The hike is approximately 10 km, takes up to 6 hours and has a total elevation gain of 750 m. Vasojevićki Kom stands at an impressive 2460 m, from where you will be able to see entire swathes of central and northern Montenegro, along with farther views of Albania and Serbia in the distance.

Upon return, we will have a locally prepared cooked dinner, with the remainder of the day spent relaxing or exploring the surrounding nature.

Day 4: Return

On the last, the departure is scheduled for after breakfast.

If you are staying longer in Montenegro you can always join us on another adventure 😊

Optional 1- or 2-day extension: Hike to Očnjak peak, Prokletije and/or Kučki or Ljevorečki peak Komovi

The optional one or two-day extension of this adventure is ideal for experienced hikers and adrenaline seekers. This extension would give you an opportunity to conquer one or two additional, more challenging, peaks of these epic mountain ranges.

The hike to Očnjak is an 8 km steep climb to 2185 m, with an elevation gain of 1050 m. It features several via ferrata sections and offers stunning vertical views of the valley below and the surrounding mountain range.

Hike to Kučki Kom is an 8-hour 14 km round trip to nearly 2500 m (2487 m) and a 1000 m elevation gain. Hike to Ljevorečki Kom is similar and takes 8 hours to complete, along an approximately 15 km trail with an elevation gain of 1100 m to the highest point of 2469 m. No matter which one of these two you chose, you will be tested physically while, in return, getting your share of mesmirising scenery and an adrenalin fix to go with it.

Standard 4-day Adventure: 650€ each
Optional 5-day Adventure: 750€ each
Optional 6-day Adventure: 850€ each
"We visited Montenegro with our company and decided for this hiking adventure. We were amazed by the beautiful nature and absolutely loved our guide Adam! Hike was physically challenging at times, but was very rewarding to see Montenegro as well as Serbia and Albania from top. I would recommend ME to anyone who is looking for a great team building to try out one of the tours and enjoy the nature with the best guides!"
Luka Dremelj 🇸🇮
July 2021

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