Beginner Whitewater Kayak Course


Montenegro Expeditions is proud to offer the only whitewater kayak course in Montenegro, held on the beautiful and wild Tara River.

This course is aimed at those with little or no previous whitewater kayaking knowledge. Over the three day course you will have an opportunity to experience whitewater and kayaking on it. You will learn about kayaks and the accompanying equipment. We will teach you practical skills, including the kayak entry and exit following a capsize, different paddling strokes, locating and entering suitable eddies after the rapids, etc.

This course is taught by Gigo, one of Montenegro’s most experienced whitewater kayakers. Gigo is a European Kayak Federation licensed instructor and is also a qualified rescue kayaker and a passionate whitewater paddler.


  • Learn to kayak on whitewater
  • Experienced course instructor
  • Kayak crystal clear waters of the beautiful Tara River
  • Three days camping in the picturesque river camp Grab
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  • Day 1: Meeting in Camp Grab, theory basics, equipment selection and the first water entry.
  • Day 2: Morning and afternoon practical lessons.
  • Day 3: Morning kayaking of an 8 km section of the river. Afternoon departure.
Day 1: Arrival, theory and a practical lesson

Morning meet at the Camp Grab, found on Tara River near the Bosnian border, approximately a 2 hour drive away from Nikšić. Upon arrival all the participants will be given a brief tour of the camp and will be allocated a camping spot.

Once settled in you will be allocated your kayaking gear and Gigo will then give you a brief theory lesson. Then it’s off to the water for the first taste of whitewater kayaking. During the first practical Gigo will work with you on coordination and basic paddling strokes. He will also teach you how to exit the kayak when capsized.

After the lesson you can enjoy a home cooked (and an abundandant) dinner and relax in the camp for the rest of the evening.

Day 2: Morning and afternoon practical lessons

Most of the 2nd day will be spent in the water, learning and practicing a number of skills. In addition to the things learnt on the 1st day you will master different paddling strokes, paddling down the rapids and locating and entering suitable eddies following the rapids. After the morning lesson, a cooked lunch will be provided. Then you can again enjoy a delicious dinner and relax in the camp for the rest of the evening.

Day 3: Kayaking down 8 km and departure

We saved the best for last! On the 3rd day (if you master the necessary skills) you will have an opportunity to kayak down an 8 km section of the river. Take your passport, you will kayak from the camp all the way down into Bosnia!

After this most exciting part, transport from the border will be arranged and you will head back to the camp for the farewell lunch. If you are staying in Montenegro for longer you can join us on one of our paddling adventure and put your newly acquired skills to the test 😊

Price: 330€ each
"We ended up running class 3 rapids, and at all times it was a safe, exhilarating and fun experience. When you're not PLFing through rapids, you get to appreciate the beautiful nature along the river, it's like something from another world."
Henriette 🇩🇰
July 2022

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