2-day eBike of Central Montenegro

2-day eBike of Central Montenegro


This is a self-guided 2-day ebike adventure! While you are responsible from getting between point A and B each day, we will take care of all of the logistics for you. We provide you with the latest Scott ebikes, GPS tracks of the route, arrange your accommodation and food, and offer 24 h support along the journey.

The adventure starts in Nikšić, taking you on a journey through little-known and incredible parts of Montenegro. The journey covers approximately 100 km of unfrequented and tourist-free roads of central Montenegro, going over mountains and mountain plateaus, cycling past glacial lakes and through river canyons. The night is spent at a breathtaking lake, with the adventure ending in Podgorica.

If you wish to do a full loop, there is an optional 1-day extension (making it a 165 km cycling adventure) that takes you to the imposing and magical Ostrog Monastery, and then back to Nikšić!


  • Experiencing one of Montenegro’s most beautiful and least commercial cycling routes
  • Up to 170 km of mountain plateaus, lakes and river canyons and valleys
  • A night at a beautiful glacial lake
  • All of the logistics and amenities taken care of
  • 24 hour support
  • Optional 1-day extension and cycle to Ostrog Monastery
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The total 2-day ebike adventure journey length is approximately 105 km, with a 2040 m ascent and a 2660 m descent. The trail is approximately 75% paved and 25% gravel. With the optional 1-day extension, the total cycling length is approximately 165 km. It adds an extra 1100 m ascent and a 600 m descent on a fully paved trail.

  • Day 1: Cycle from Nikšić to Kapetanovo Lake. Overnight stay at the lake.
  • Day 2: Cycle from Kapetanovo Lake to Podgorica. Train from Podgorica to Nikšić.
  • Day 3 (optional): Cycle from Podgorica up to Ostrog Monastery. Descent from the monastery back to Nikšić.
Day 1: Nikšić to Kapetanovo Lake

The ebike adventure starts in Nikšić. There is an optional departure point from Ski Centre Vučje, for those who want less climbing and an easier first day. On this day, which is mainly an ascent, you will cycle on a paved road up Djurkovo Brdo, leading to Lukavica Plateau and Borovnik Mountain.

The following section, from Konjsko Valley to Bare Bojovića is on a gravel road. There are several households along the way, where you can stop off for home made juice and refreshments. Subsequently, you will be back on a paved road that will take you all the way to Žurimovi Mountains. From here there is the final stretch to Kapetanovo Lake where you will spend the night camping on the shores of the lake or in a nearby accommodation.

If you have time and energy left, there is a beautiful hike up to Manito Lake and Peak Stožac that can be done in the afternoon.

The total journey length on the first day is 40 km, with a 1240 m ascent and a 200 m descent. The trail is approximately 80% paved and 20% gravel.

Day 2: Kapetanovo Lake to Podgorica

On the second day, you will depart following breakfast. The trail will take you to Velje Duboko, a charming and remote village, characterised by old orchards, standing as a testament to the village’s rich history. Here, you will enter River Mrtvica Canyon. The canyon leads up to Liješnje Village, followed by a descent all the way to River Morača Canyon.

Finally, you will cycle through Platije, Morača’s breathtaking canyon to Podgorica, the final cycling destination. In Podgorica, you will take the train back to Nikšić, where your adventure will end.

Up until early 2022, the road through Platije Canyon was one of the busiest roads in Montenegro. Since, a motorway was built, leaving this incredible road a lot less frequented and perfect for cyclists.

The total journey length on the second day is 65 km, with a 800 m ascent and a 2460 m descent. The trail is approximately 70% paved and 30% gravel.

If you are staying longer in Montenegro you can always join us on another adventure or opt out for a 1-day extension of this adventure 😊

Optional 1-day extension: Ostrog Monastery

The optional one day extension takes you on the quiet and picturesque auxiliary roads from Podgorica back to Nikšić, making it a loop cycling adventure. The accommodation for the extra night will be in a comfortable apartment in Podgorica.

The extra day gives you an opportunity to cycle up to the impressive Ostrog Monastery, set deep in the mountain cliffs. Historically, this is one of the most important monasteries of the Balkans, dating back to the 1600s and the Ottoman Empire era. The cycle from Podgorica to the monastery is through Zeta River Valley and then uphill. Following the visit to the monastery, you will descend to Nikšić for a well deserved celebratory drink!

The total journey length on the optional third day is 60 km, with an approximate 1100 m ascent and a 600 m descent. The trail is paved along its entire length.

Standard 2-day adventure: 330€ each
Optional 3-day adventure: 410€ each

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