Day Packrafting on Tara River


Experience a unique adventure on the Tara River with ME. Rather than being on a crowded raft navigated by somebody else, you will be in control of your own packraft.

This full-day adventure will take you down 15 km of the most exciting section of the Tara River, from Brstanovica to the Bosnian Border. You’ll navigate crystal clear rapids while enjoying breathtaking views of one of the most beautiful river canyons in the world.

Join ME for this exclusive adventure and experience a day of excitement and true happiness!


  • Thrilling packrafting down 15 km of the stunning Tara River canyon
  • Control your own packraft for a unique and exciting experience
  • Crystal clear waters and breathtaking landscapes
  • Stopovers at spectacular springs, waterfalls and beaches
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The meeting point for the adventure is Camp Grab, approximately 1 h 30 min drive from Nikšić, near the Bosnian Border. Please note that you can repeat the first, calmer packrafting session twice if you or us feel uncomfortable with you progressing onto the more adrenaline-charged afternoon session.

  • Part 1: Arrival and introduction to packraft
  • Part 2: Packrafting Camp Grab to the Bosnian border
  • Part 3: Lunch
  • Part 4: Packrafting Brštanovica to Camp Grab 
  • Part 5: Departure
Part 1: Arrival and packraft introduction

Morning meeting at Camp Grab, a short welcome and the introductions with the team. We will then assign you your packraft and the necessary equipment and demonstrate its setup. You will also be given a brief introduction to paddling and safety aspects of packrafting.

Part 2: Camp Grab to Bosnian Border

The first session is an approximately 3 hour, 7 km packrafting, from Camp Grab to the Bosnian border. This part of the river is mainly class II rapids and is ideal to get used to the packraft while enjoying the surrounding nature. There are, however, several exciting rapids, so you can’t get too relaxed!

After kitting up we will make our way down into the canyon, towards the river. The descent to the river takes approximately an hour. Thanks to the lightweight packrafts you will be able to move with ease and enjoy the surrounding nature during the hike.

Part 3: Lunch

After the first packrafting session you will be transferred from the border back to Camp Grab. Here you will have a delicious cooked lunch at the restaurant, followed by a short break before the next packrafting session.

Part 4: Brštanovica to Camp Grab

The second session starts in the afternoon and is approximately 2 hours and 7km long. It’s caracterised mainly by class III rapids and it’s faster, with a number of breathtaking sections. A true adrenaline-lovers’ part of the river! It sets off upstream at Brstanovica and finishes again at Camp Grab.

Part 5: Departure

You will be free to go after we dock back at Camp Grab. However, we hope that you will stay for a chat and a drink at the bar, giving us the chance to sum up the experience.

If you are staying in Montenegro for longer, you can always join us on another one 😊

Price: 150€ each
"One day packrafting trip was a highlight during our Montenegro roadtrip. Didn't want to do a "normal" Rafting tour, so this kept my attention. With no experience in paddling and packrafting at all, I was a bit nervous in the beginning about what to expect, but it's really worth to try it out. As a beginner you'll end up swimming a few times, so it's a good way to challenge yourself, but the packrafting made so much fun. The river and nature is really a dream!!!"
Inken C 🇩🇪
July 2022

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