Kapetanovo Lake and Mrtvica Canyon


This adventure is close to our heart, as it sets off from Nikšić, Montenegro Expedition’s hometown. It’s a little-known, truly unforgettable, two day hike, spread over nearly 40 km. 

The hike features several 2000 m high mountain peaks, a magical glacial lake (or two, for the keen ones) and a passage through a 20 km long, breathtaking, river canyon. One night is spent camping on the lake, under a very starry sky!

The area of Montenegro this adventure takes place in is virtually uninhabited. The only visits are from a few local cattle herders, during the summer, with tourists seldom seen. As a result, this experience is ideal for those looking for solitude in the nature and a chance to experience the unexplored.


  • Conquer several 2000 m peaks
  • Overnight camping on a beautiful glacial lake
  • 20 km passage through a breathtaking river canyon
  • Hike through in a little-known area of Montenegro
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Brief itinerary

  • Day 1: Morning meeting in Nikšić. Hike up to Mali Žurim, Ilijin Peak and Nikolin Peak. Descent to and overnight camping at Kapetanovo Lake.
  • Day 2: All day hike from Kapetanovo Lake to Međurečje, through the canyon of Mrtvica River.
Day 1: Hike to Kapetanovo Lake

The meeting point is Nikšić, in the morning of the first day. Following a short drive, we will set off on an approximately 10 km walk from Bare Bojovića to Kapetanovo Lake. During the walk, we will summit three 2000 m peaks, each of which offers great views.

At the end, we will descend down to Kaptanovo Lake, where we will set up the camp for the night. It’s a magical setting, with commonly plenty of stars reflected in the lake!

Day 2: Mrtvica Canyon

The hike from Kapetanovo Lake to Međurečje is approximately 25 km. It features a breathtaking descent, through flowering meadows, from the lake to the village of Velje Duboko. Shortly after the village, we will enter the imposing, 15 km long, canyon of River Mrtvica.

We will finish the hike at the river mouth. Here we will cool our feet off in the refreshing river, before making our way back to Nikšić (with a possibility of dropping you off in Podgorica) by car.

Price: 180€ each
"Over two days we got to see the most incredible landscapes - from fields of wildflowers to jagged peaks and valleys, and everything in between. I came away with the feeling we had seen a hidden part of the country and experienced something totally unique. Alongside this, Adam and Gigo were fantastic guides, telling us about the landscape and the country, sharing food and drink and stories, and making us feel like old friends. I came away from the experience with a completely different view of Montenegro and a sense of wonder and achievement. Just fantastic!"
Ciara McGrath 🇮🇪
May 2022

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