Our Story

Welcome to the first entry of the Expedition Diary. You’re here because you’d like to know more about ME. So sit back and relax while I tell you our origin story.

Gigo and Adam struck up a friendship while playing cards in their home town of Nikšić. During the evening they realised that they are both avid adventurers, are passionate about Montenegro’s nature and want to share their experiences with the world. Fast forward a few months later to a packrafting adventure on the river Morača and Montenegro Expeditions was born.

Gigo developed a passion for adventure at an early age. He started out as one of the youngest white-water rafting tour guides on the famous river Tara, while still in high school. Gigo has since become a licenced white-water kayak instructor, rescue kayaker, rafting guide, trip leader and a mountain guide. He is currently one of the most experienced white-water kayakers in Montenegro and over the past 10 years has kayaked on many European rivers, as well as in India and the UAE.

Around the same time Gigo started guiding in Montenegro, Adam set off on his first scientific expedition, to the heart of the Amazon. A number of other expeditions quickly followed and he hasn’t stopped since. Research from Adam’s fieldwork is often published in scientific journals. But despite his extensive travelling for science, Adam’s main passion remains the nature of Montenegro. He claims that no other country offers as much landscape diversity over such a small area. This is why Adam spends his free time exploring the wilderness of Montenegro. His adventures include climbing breathtaking mountains, kayaking and fishing in beautiful rivers, lakes and the Adriatic Sea.

As the main organiser of the Tara Kayak Festival, Ski Tour Festival and Montenegrin Winter Marathon, Gigo has been leading adventure events in the Balkans for over a decade. He needed something to channel his wealth of experience and vast knowledge of the Balkans’ natural beauty into. This combined with Adam’s mantra of experiencing nature in an intimate way and passion for Montenegrin wilderness, Gigo and Adam created Montenegro Expeditions to offer highly personalised, exceptional epic wilderness adventures. 

We see Montenegro Expeditions as an exciting venture, one in which we hope you will join us for the journey 😊

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