E-cycling in Montenegro

Believe it or not, in our small Mediterranean country, in the heart of Europe, e-cycling is still unknown. This is surprising because being a small and mountainous country with rich history makes discovering Montenegro by e-bike perfect! In our bid to change this, we recently purchased a number of Scott Aspect E Ride bicycles. We couldn’t wait to test them, and what amazing bikes they are! We are now convinced that e-cycling is one of the best ways to see our beautiful country!

It’s late December as I write this blog and we still haven’t had any snow. We are also experiencing unusually warm weather. Given the circumstances, our new e-bikes are a blessing! So, we have been cycling most days… And since our hometown, Nikšić, is centrally positioned, with good connections to the rest of the country, it offers a wide variety of cycling routes. Setting off from Nikšić, one can choose paved roads, gravel, descents, ascents and a mix of all four. Furthermore, the scenery includes river valleys, mountains, forests, lakes and historic sites! 

We have now had plenty of e-cycling adventures. In this blog, we would like to tell you about our first! This outing included me (Gigo) and our three mates, Dimitrije, Kaleza and Goca. After some debate we came up with two cycling routes as our options:

  1. Nikšić – Ostrorg Monastery – Danilovgrad- Glava Zete – Nikšić
  2. Nikšić – Vučje – Kapetanovo Jezero – Zagrad – Nikšić

The two tours offer different scenery but are almost identical in difficulty, distance and the overall elevation gain and loss. Their total distance is approximately 80 km with a 1600 m elevation gain. The main difference, however, was that the maximum elevation for the option 2 was much higher than the option 1, making it a “cold option”. As it was our first time on e-bikes, they were new and unfamiliar to us, we decided to go with the warmer, option 1. This felt like a more sensible choice for winter…

Having made our route choice, we assembled and serviced the bikes. We made sure they were safe in order to make our first ever e-cycling adventure stress-free, successful and fun! It took us the whole day but there was a sense of achievement when the bikes were finally ready and the batteries put on charge for our adventure on the next day.

We set off bright and early. None of us had ridden e-bikes before and everybody found the experience amazing! With so many mountains in Montenegro, having the aid, going uphill was like a miracle! We raced each other, switching between different assistance levels while enjoying the breath-taking scenery. 

We cycled along our planned route through the Valley of Zeta River. In addition to the incredible nature, we cycled over Carev Most and past Manastir Ostrog. Carev Most is a 19th century bridge, built under the sponsorship of a Russian Tsar, Alexander III. Manastr Ostrog is a 17th century monastery, considered as one of the most important Orthodox temples in the world. Both are truly beautiful monuments! 

During most of the route we used auxiliary and unfrequented roads, giving us a chance to enjoy the scenery free from the oncoming traffic. In total, we cycled approximately 84 km in 5 hours and climbed and descended almost 1600 m, classifying this tour as moderately difficult.

The tour is a perfect example of the scenery one can encounter in our country, at the doorstep, without first having to drive for many miles to set off on the cycle. In Montenegro, we are truly privileged, as we are surrounded by nature and history. 

If you are a keen or just a recreational cyclist and you find yourself in Nikšić in spring, autumn or winter, this tour is a great day adventure. Should you need more detailed directions, just ask ME. If you’d prefer to do the tour guided, you need help with the logistics or want to hire e-bikes, please contact Montenegro Expeditions Team, we are always happy to help!

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it! Please note that we offer a number of cycling and e-cycling adventures. So, if you enjoy cycling and would like to explore our beautiful country on a bike, join ME on one of our exciting tours.

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