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Montenegro Expeditions

Montenegro Expeditions was founded by three friends, scientists and philosophers, who are passionate about nature conservation and adventure. Having travelled the world, we became aware of how unique the wilderness of Montenegro is, and of its potential for incredible and diverse adventures. So, after many years of selfishly indulging, we decided it was time to share some of these, often once in a lifetime experiences, with those who haven’t yet had the chance to explore Montenegro’s epic wilderness. This is why we created Montenegro Expeditions!

We pride ourselves on providing bespoke and personal experiences with a minimal environmental footprint, which is why we cater to small groups. All our adventures are carefully selected, created, and endlessly enjoyed by our team.
As a result, you are offered only the best adventures, in locations handpicked by locals, that are previously tested to guarantee your safety. We specialise in kayaking, mountain trekking, fishing, swimming, and ski and snowshoe touring.

ME team looks forward to taking you on your next adventure 😊


Gigo, Montenegro Expeditions’ lead guide, was born and lives in Montenegro, because according to him, no other place offers the natural beauty of our country. He is also an active conservationist and a prominent campaigner for the preservation of dam-threatened Balkan rivers and the founder of Nature Lovers Montenegro, one of the main environmental NGOs in Montenegro. Gigo has a degree in philosophy (to meet your needs for deep and meaningful conversations during a tour) and is a proud father of two little naturalists!


Adam is a world-travelling adventurer who grew up in Montenegro and the UK. He has since lived in South America, the Caribbean and Spain. He is also a keen conservationist and scientist, with a PhD in Marine Biology. Adam has led and participated in many conservation expeditions, to some of the most remote regions of the world, such as the Amazon, French Polynesia, Seychelles, Indonesia, the Andes, and the Atacama Desert. Adam is the linguist of the team, he is fluent in Montenegrin, English, Spanish, Catalan and dabbles in French.


Heather was asked to join the Montenegro Expeditions team due to her organisational skills and keen eye for detail. An experienced project manager and research expedition organiser she ensures that Montenegro Expeditions provides the best experience for our customers from the moment they visit our website. Heather can often be found paddle boarding in Kotor Bay, or hiking one of the many mountain peaks followed by eating a Montenegrin feast, usually ćevapi. She believes that the quickest way to experience the culture of a place is through the food. She has plenty of recommendations, so get in touch!

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